Customer’s Family – and More …

A consultant from Confirm is looking to create the best solution.

Distinctive focus on professionalism and modern technical solutions combined with process and business understanding makes it possible to deliver effective designs and provide competent critique.

We believe that a consultant should provide a holistic approach, despite the emphasis on highly-technical solutions. With Confirm, you will experience a loyal, uplifting partner looking out for your latest and future concerns.

Knowledgable engineers with drive

Confirm’s automation specialists are engineers with deep knowledge and extensive experience in industrial automation and GMP / GAMP.

At Confirm we can offer consulting services in the form of specialists, project managers and project employees for specific tasks over a short or long period. With Confirm you get a sparring partner with a focus on product quality and return value for the client.

Continuous Improvement

We can only get better if we dare to say what is not working.

Out of respect for all parties, and as an expression of our desire to do things right, we ask our customers to continuously evaluate Confirm’s consultants. We do this both to your satisfaction as well as to discuss any adjustments and relevant continuing education. We do this to respect both you and our consultant using direct and constructive feedback. At the least, we aim to increase mutual understanding and respect.